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Psychology Building Addition, Busch Campus, New Brunswick/Piscataway

About the Lab

Lab members 2012

Lab members 2011-2012
Jess, Shigeto, Chris, Nat
Michelle, Mel, Sara

Please note that Professor Kawahara has left Rutgers as of the end of Spring 2013, and the phonetics lab goes in hiatus until further notice. Meanwhile this website is kept here to keep the records and the resources.

The Phonetics Laboratory at Rutgers University is located in the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science, Room 130, Psychology Building Addition, Busch Campus (map).

The phonetics lab provides equipment and space for investigation into the cognitive processes involved in the perception and production of speech sounds. We are particularly interested in whether (and how) speakers care about what listeners actually hear. For further information, see "Projects".

The director of the phonetics lab is Professor Shigeto Kawahara. Professor Kawahara is a member of the Linguistics Department and the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science. Professor Kawahara and his assistants extensively collaborate with the Rutgers Psycholinguistics Lab.

Research opportunities for undergraduate students

Lab members 2011

Prof. Kawahara working with a lab assistant

Many undergraduate students are constantly involved in lab research projects. Students can earn credits toward degree completion, or get paid and given official credit through the Aresty program and/or through the department of linguistics.

The lab assistants learn every aspect of real research, starting from research design to presenting and publishing the results. All the past lab assistants have moved on to a graduate school in speech pathology programs or in theoretical linguistics, or obtained a research position. Especially if you're interested in pursuing a career in speech pathology, the lab provides a great opportunity to have hands-on experience of speech-related research. Please see this page for a list of lab alumni who have moved onto graduate programs. This page summarizes all the resources that our lab provides for Rutgers students who are preparing for graduate applications for speech pathology programs.

We also host a facebook group for Rutgers students who are interested in speech pathology career.

Please note that the lab is closed until further notice, and there are no positions for new RAs

Directions to the phonetics lab

Directions to the phonetics lab (Psych Building Room A130)
  1. The Psychology building is directly to the left of the ARC building on Allison Rd. on the Busch Campus
  2. Walk down the pathway between the ARC and Psych building and go through the first entrance of the Psych building
  3. As soon as you walk in, make a left and go through the double doors
  4. As soon as you go through the double doors, there will be a staircase to your left
  5. Go down the stairs
  6. Once you go down the stairs, make a right and go through the double doors into the "pink" section
  7. Go straight and follow the room numbers around 2 corners until you reach room A130

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