COMMUNITY DYNAMICS 215:565; Peter Morin

Tentative schedule 

Sept. 8 Introduction to Community Ecology [Chapter 1, Chapter 14]

Sept. 15 Interspecific Competition I: Theory [Chapter 2]

Sept. 22 Interspecific Competition II: Patterns in Nature [Chapter 3]

Sept. 29 Predation I: Patterns in Nature [Chapter 4]

Oct. 6 Predation II: Theory [Chapter 5]

Oct. 13 Food Webs [Chapter 6]

Oct. 20 Mutualisms [Chapter 7]

Oct. 27 Exam I

Nov. 3 Indirect Effects [Chapter 8]

Nov. 10 Habitat Selection [Chapter 10]

Nov. 17 Spatial Dynamics [Chapter 11]

Nov. 24 Causes and Consequences of Diversity I [Chapter 12]

Dec. 1 Causes and Consequences of Diversity II [Chapter 12]

Dec. 8 Temporal Patterns: Priority Effects, Assembly Rules, Succession [Chapters 9,13] Research Proposals Due

Dec.15 Exam II; Monday 1:10-4:10 Room 123


Text: Morin, P. J. 1999. Community Ecology. Blackwell Science, Malden, MA. 424 pages.

Primary readings from the original literature will be assigned for class discussions. See handout. Photocopies of these readings can be found in ENRS Room 145. You can also find the originals in the library, and many can be downloaded directly from the web, through IRIS, by accessing JSTOR or electronic versions of the journals.

Note that lectures are on Monday 1:10 - 4:10 in ENRS 123.

P.J. Morin 932-3214; e-mail: pjmorin "at" rci "dot" rutgers "dot" edu . Office - ENRS 148.