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Current Students

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Community Ecology 2e

Rutgers Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolution

Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources

Lab Group 2015


23) Cara Faillace - Ph.D. in progress. Invasions and diversity: mechanisms, microbes, and multiple scales.

24) Paul Walberg Ph.D. in progress. Effects of climate change on biogeography, interactions, and community patterns in freshwater organisms.

25) Nicholas Lorusso - Ph.D. in progress. Molecular impacts of community dynamics on Tetrahymena vorax and Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

26) Ariel Kruger  Ph.D. in progress. Ecology of infectious disease in amphibians.

27) Paulina Arancibia Ph.D. in progress. Dynamics of Marine Food Webs

28) Samantha Schwab Ph.D. in progress. Models of Infectious Disease in Metapopulations. (Co-advisor Nina Fefferman)

29) Rachel Paseka Ph.D. in progress. Ecological Stoichiometry of Parasite Host Interactions.