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Budget Freeze

The President's 1/25/02 memo announcing the freeze in hiring and discretionary spending.

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Lawrence Resigns

President Fran Lawrence resigns after more than 11 years as president of Rutgers University, 2/2/02.

Lawrence's official statement and the statement of Gene O'Hara, Chairman of the Board of Governors.

The Trenton Times: Rutgers President Will Resign Post (2/3/02)

Follow-up article in The Star-Ledger credits former Rutgers professor Ben Barber with playing a key role in Lawrence's ouster: "With a Phone Call, Future Grew Dim for Rutgers Leader" (2/4/02)

John Gillis' brief history of how the presidential search that brought Lawrence to Rutgers was carried out in 1990.

Student assessments of Lawrence's presidency.

Rutgers' Focus Magazine's account of Lawrence's decision to resign. (2/08/02)

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Rutgers 1000

One of the groups claiming central responsibility for bringing about President Lawrence's resignation is the Rutgers 1000, a group of alumni, faculty, and students who are concerned about the role that athletics has come to play in the university.

The home page for the Rutgers 1000 loads very slowly, but contains links to the organization's archives and their positions statements on athletics, declining SAT scores, and the state of the university's physical plant.

Professor William Dowling of the English Department is one of the founding members of this organization: his home page describes the kind of teaching and learning he would prefer to see taking place at the university.

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