College Publisher
Volume 133 Nº 81 Thursday, February 7th, 2002
U. hopes for ideal leader

By Chris Lang, Staff Writer

Since University President Francis L. Lawrence resigned last week, Rutgers-New
Brunwsick students have begun discussing what values and priorities their ideal
replacement should embody.
"I hope the [new president] reaffirms the idea of a student-centered research
center," said Vice President of Rutgers College Governing Association Matt Kleiman,
addressing RCGA's vision to turn the University back into a research-based
institution. Kleiman, a junior at Rutgers College, added that the new president should
have a very broad and far-reaching vision for the future of Rutgers.
Academics remained a key issue for other student leaders as well.
"I would like for the new president to make Rutgers a first choice university for
students when they are applying for college, rather then it being 'Oh I didn't get into
NYU, I guess I'll go to Rutgers,'" said Undergraduate Student Representative to the
Board of Trustees Kim Wozniak, a Rutgers College junior. She added that she would
like to have students at Rutgers be proud to attend the University.
"Lawrence wasn't an academic heavyweight," said Rutgers College senior Avram
Fechter, chairman of the Rutgers University Lobbying Association, "and we need
someone that is going to be that … "
Student leaders also commented on how the University's new president should
handle obstacles confronting the University.
Livingston College Governing Association President Adrianna Cassiere, a senior,
said she would want a new president to be "someone who is going to come in with
new ideas and is going to look [into] making some changes."
If there are going to be more budget cuts, said President of the Douglass College
Government Association Alyssa Robertson, "I would like to see student activities be
the last to be cut [by the new president]." Robertson, a senior, added that,
"education and activities should be our first priority."
"… I think we need someone who is willing to be around the campus at student
events, even at Camden and Newark," Robertson said. She added that she would
like for the new president to have more of a presence on campus.
Cassiere said she hoped the president would be more student-aware and "someone
the students are going to feel" she said. "A lot of time and energy should be
concentrated on that."
The next president of the university has got to have a clear vision that's " …
innovative and imaginative," Fechter said.
Fetcher prioritized communications skills. "Lawrence had his strategic plan, but did
anyone believe in it? No. Lawrence had no communication skills. Former Princeton
University President Woodrow Wilson could be a possible model to follow in
selecting a new president." Fechter added, "[Wilson] could articulate a clear
compelling vision for Princeton. … He was already an academic giant by the time he
was president."

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