Class Presentations on the Business of Higher Education

May 15th, Murray 305

2:50-3:00 Opening Remarks

Panel I Should I Stay or Should I Go? Decision-Making in and around the Academy

3:00-3:20 Rachel Haugh, "Moved by Something Other than Fear and Sloth: Picking the Right College for the Right Reasons."

3:20-3:40 Michelle Brazier, "Getting into Hogwarts: The Alchemy of Selective Admissions."

3:40-4:00 Robin Diamond and Justine Hernandez, "The Savvy Academic: What You Won't Learn about Academe in Graduate School."

4:00-4:30 Discussion

Panel II Getting Out the News: Using the Web to Recruit, Train, and Inform Members of the Academic Community

4:30-4:50 Ameer Sohrawardy, "The Conception and Delivery of the English Department Open House Web Site."

4:50-5:10 Miriam Jaffe and Regina Masiello, "Literature and Pedagogy: An On-Line Resource for Teachers of 219 and 220."

5:10-5:30 Melanie Cortese, "I'm Ready for My Close-Up: Redesigning the History Department Web Page."

5:30-6:00 Discussion

6:00-6:30 Break for Pot-lucked Provisions!

Panel III Re-Valuing the Humanities After the Fall

6:30-6:50 Matt McGowan, "Academic Freedom and Human Rights."

6:50-7:10 Jay Kratz, "Getting into the Ethics Business: One Possible Future for English"

7:10-7:30 Discussion

Closing Remarks

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