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The Olabisi Lab at Rutgers


Ronke Olabisi, PhD

Principal Investigator

Graduate Students:

Ayesha Aijaz

Ayesha is currently investigating ways to microencapsulate insulin-producing cells, such as pancreatic islets of Langerhans, within PEG microspheres to immunoisolate these cells for delivery to diabetic patients.

Rabab Chalaby

Rabab is currently investigating methods to use piezoelectricity to enhance the growth of neural, muscle, and bone cells.

Corina White

Corina is currently developing a synthetic Bruch's membrane, the major structure in the blood-retina barrier that is damaged during macular degeneration.

Kris White

Kris (no relation to Corina) is currently investigating biomineralizing proteins from nacre and bone in order to develop biomaterials capable of spatially controlling bone mineralization.

Undergraduate Students:

Brooke McClarren

Brooke is currently investigating the effect of cyclic and static tension on encapsulated adult stem cell viability and differentiation.

Michael Medini

Michael is currently investigating the effect of polymer molecular weight on encapsulated cell viability and diffusibility of serum proteins.

Lab Alumni:

Abhimanyu Cherukupalli, Tyler DiStefano, Rebecca Drake, Ron Falkowski, Paulina Krzyszczyk, Sneha Mehta, Michael Pellegrini, Davina Perera, Deepika Seethamraju



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