Field work on the water

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Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology and
Center for Human Evolutionary Studies
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
131 George Street, RAB 306
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1414

848-932-9395 phone
732-932-1564 fax

People > Past Students

Susan Coiner-Collier (PhD, 2015)

Pam Weis (M.Phil., 2015)

Kari Prassack (PhD, 2012)

Veronica Mason (undergraduate advisee, 2015)

Caitlin McCarthy (undergraduate advisee, 2015)

Emily Wahler (undergraduate advisee, 2015)

Sonia Kuismanen (undergraduate advisee, 2014)

John Saflarske (undergraduate advisee, 2013)

Kate DeRosa (undergraduate advisee, 2013)

Nicholas P. Triozzi, (undergraduate advisee, 2011)

Amanda Giesler (undergraduate advisee, 2010)

Stephanie Green (undergraduate advisee, 2010)

Stephanie Morell (undergraduate advisee, 2009)