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Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology and
Center for Human Evolutionary Studies
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
131 George Street, RAB 306
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1414

848-932-9395 phone
732-932-1564 fax

Teaching > Syllabi

Evolution of Human Diet, Undergraduate, Rutgers [syllabus]

Capstone Colloquium in Evolutionary Medicine, Undergraduate, Rutgers [syllabus]

Plio-Pleistocene Hominin Anatomy, Undergraduate, Rutgers [syllabus]

Quantitative Methods in Evolutionary Anthropology, Undergraduate, Rutgers [syllabus]

Extinction, Undergraduate (SAS Signature Course), Rutgers [syllabus] l [video]

Fossil Apes, Undergraduate (Special Darwin Celebration Course), Rutgers

Introduction to Human Evolution, Undergraduate, Rutgers [syllabus]

Research Methods and Design in Evolutionary Anthropology, Graduate, Rutgers [syllabus]

Human Osteology, Upper-Level Undergraduate, Rutgers [syllabus]

Laboratory for Human Osteology, Upper-Level Undergraduate, Rutgers [syllabus]

Paleoecology, Graduate, Rutgers [syllabus]

Introduction to Physical Anthropology, Undergraduate, University of Texas at Austin