The following list of USA rowing clubs and organizations is sorted by state and city. Contact USRowing at for contact persons at each club.

Links to known WWW pages for clubs are included where known.

UAL   Univ. of Alabama Crew                       Huntsville            AL
SHL   Spring Hill College Rowing                  Mobile                AL
MNT   Montgomery Rowing Club                      Montgomery            AL
VIX   Vicksburg Rowing Club                       Vicksburg             AL
CLF   California Rowing Club                                            CA
SCA   Southern Cal Boat Club                                            CA
JMZ   Jammz Rowing Team                           Alameda               CA
HUM   Humboldt State Univ. R.A.                   Arcata                CA
KTS   Ketos Rowing Club                           Berkeley              CA
CAL   Univ. of California-Berkeley                Berkeley              CA
BER   Berkeley High Men's Crew                    Castro Valley         CA
ORG   Orange Coast College Crew                   Costa Mesa            CA
PCF   Pacific Rowing Club                         Daly City             CA
UCD   Univ. of California-Davis                   Davis                 CA
DRF   Deerfield Academy Crew Club                 Deerfield             CA
UCI   Univ. of California-Irvine                  Irvine                CA
SRR   Sierra Rowing Club                          Kings Beach           CA
TAH   Tahoe Rowing Club                           Kings Beach           CA
OAK   Oakland Strokes                             Lafayette             CA
MRN   Marin Rowing Association                    Larkspur              CA
CLB   Calif. State University, Long Beach         Long Beach            CA
LBJ   Long Beach Junior Crew                      Long Beach            CA
LGB   Long Beach Rowing Association               Long Beach            CA
LMA   Loyola Marymount Alumni                     Los Angeles           CA
LOY   Loyola Marymount Rowing                     Los Angeles           CA
USC   Univ. of Southern California Crew           Los Angeles           CA
CYC   California Yacht Club Rowing                Marina Del Rey        CA
LAX   Los Angeles Rowing Club                     Marina Del Rey        CA
UCL   Univ. of California-Los Angeles             Marina Del Rey        CA
ESO   Esophobic Rowing                            Mission Bay           CA
NAC   Newport Acquatic Center                     Newport Beach         CA
DRR   Don Row and the Rowmantics                  Oakland               CA
LKM   Lake Merritt Rowing Club                    Oakland               CA
MLL   Mills College Crew                          Oakland               CA
SRC   Stanford Rowing Club                        Palo Alto             CA
NBY   North Bay Rowing Club                       Petaluma              CA
NAT   Lake Natoma Rowing Club                     Rancho Cordova        CA
MNB   Mission Bay Rowing Association              San Diego             CA
MSS   Mission Bay Training Center                 San Diego             CA
SDJ   San Diego Junior Rowing Club                San Diego             CA
SDG   San Diego Rowing Club                       San Diego             CA
ZLA   ZLAC Rowing Club                            San Diego             CA
BYW   Bay Area Whaleboat Association              San Francisco         CA
STI   St. Ignatius Crew                           San Francisco         CA
USF   Univ. of San Francisco Crew                 San Francisco         CA
LGT   Los Gatos Rowing Club                       San Jose              CA
SMY   St. Mary's College Crew                     San Lorenzo           CA
CPY   Cal Poly Crew                               San Luis Obispo       CA
STB   Univ. of California-Santa Barbara           Santa Barbara         CA
SCL   Santa Clara University Crew                 Santa Clara           CA
OPW   Open Water Rowing Center                    Sausalito             CA
STN   Stanford University Crew                    Stanford              CA
NTH   North Tahoe Recreation and Parks            Tahoe Vista           CA
HBT   Humboldt Bay Rowing Association             Trinidad              CA
CMA   California Maritime Academy Crew            Vellejo               CA
RVC   River City Rowing Club                      West Sacramento       CA
RKY   Rocky Mountain Rowing Club, Inc.            Denver                CO
ELY   East Lyme R.A.                              East Lyme             CT
NRK   Norwalk River Rowing Club                   Fairfield             CT
HRT   Hartford Rowing Club                        Glastonbury           CT
GRT   Groton School                               Groton                CT
NHV   New Haven Rowing Club                       Hamden                CT
RVR   Riverfront Recapture, Inc.                  Hartford              CT
TRI   Trinity College                             Hartford              CT
ALD   Alden Ocean Shell Association               Lakeville             CT
LTF   Litchfield Hills Rowing Club                Litchfield            CT
WSL   Wesleyan University                         Middletown            CT
TRS   Thames River Sculls                         Mystic                CT
CCT   Central Connecticut State Univ. Crew        New Britain           CT
YAL   Yale University Crew                        New Haven             CT
CON   Connecticut College Rowing                  New London            CT
CGA   U.S. Coast Guard Academy                    New London            CT
CHL   Chelsea Rowing Club                         Norwich               CT
CBB   CRABBS (Conn. R.A. of Best Buddies)         Old Greenwich         CT
BLD   Blood Street Sculls                         Old Lyme              CT
LYM   Lyme-Old Lyme Rowing Association            Old Lyme              CT
PMF   Pomfret School                              Pomfret               CT
FRM   Farmington Valley R.A.                      Simsbury              CT
SMS   Simsbury High School Crew                   Simsbury              CT
SKS   South Kent School                           South Kent            CT
UCT   Univ. of Connecticut                        Storrs                CT
CRH   Choate Rosemary Hall Crew                   Wallingford           CT
COK   Charter Oak Rowing Club                     West Hartford         CT
SUG   Saugatuck Rowing Association, Inc.          Westport              CT
SUX   Saugatuck Scullers Rowing Club              Westport              CT
HSN   Housatonic Rowing Association               Woodbridge            CT
AMU   American University                         Washington            DC
ANA   Anacostia Rowing & Sculling                 Washington            DC
CMS   Camsis Boat Club                            Washington            DC
CAP   Capitol Rowing Club                         Washington            DC
CUA   Catholic Univ. of America Crew              Washington            DC
DCS   D.C. Strokes                                Washington            DC
GWU   George Washington University                Washington            DC
GEO   Georgetown University Rowing                Washington            DC
POT   Potomac Boat Club (The)                     Washington            DC
THO   Thompson Boat Center                        Washington            DC
TRN   Trinity College (DC)                        Washington            DC
WWJ   Woodrow Wilson High Crew Boosters           Washington            DC
DEL   Delaware Crew                               Wilmington            DE
WLM   Wilmington Rowing Club                      Wilmington            DE
FAU   Florida Atlantic University R.C.            Boca Raton            FL
SBR   Sons of the Beach Rowing Club               Coconut Grove         FL
UMM   Univ. of Miami Crew                         Coral Gables          FL
STS   Stetson Crew Club                           DeLand                FL
UFL   Univ. of Florida Rowing Club                Gainsville            FL
HLL   Hollywood Rowing Club                       Hollywood             FL
JKE   Jacksonville Episcopal High School          Jacksonville          FL
JCK   Jacksonville Rowing Club                    Jacksonville          FL
JKU   Jacksonville University Crew                Jacksonville          FL
SNT   Stanton Rowing Club                         Jacksonville          FL
LKB   Lake Brantley R.A.                          Longwood              FL
EDG   Edgewater High School Crew                  Maitland              FL
FIT   Florida Institute of Technology             Melbourne             FL
MHI   Mel-Hi Crew Parent Association              Melbourne             FL
SLL   Satellite High School Crew Club             Melbourne             FL
ISL   Island Rowing Club                          Merritt Island        FL
AMB   American Barge Club                         Miami                 FL
FIU   Florida International University            Miami                 FL
MTH   Maritime & Science Tech. High School        Miami                 FL
MIA   Miami Rowing Club                           Miami                 FL
MIB   Miami Beach Rowing Club                     Miami Beach           FL
NDD   North Dade Rowing Center                    Morth Miami           FL
ORO   Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc.           Orlando               FL
ORL   Orlando Rowing Club                         Orlando               FL
SOR   South Orlando Rowing Association            Orlando               FL
PMB   Palm Beach Rowing Association               Palm Beach            FL
RVV   Riverview Crew                              Sarasota              FL
SRY   Sarasota Scullers Youth Rowing Program      Sarasota              FL
FSU   Florida State University R.C.               Tallahassee           FL
LEO   Leon Crew Boosters                          Tallahassee           FL
TLL   Tallahassee Rowing Club/Leon H.S.           Tallahassee           FL
TMP   Tampa Rowing Club                           Tampa                 FL
TAM   Univ. of Tampa Crew                         Tampa                 FL
BCF   Crew Boosters of Central Florida            Winter Park           FL
FAC   Florida Athletic Center                     Winter Park           FL
RLL   Rollins College Rowing Association          Winter Park           FL
UCF   Univ. of Central Florida                    Winter Park           FL
WIN   Winter Park High School Rowing              Winter Park           FL
GSU   Georgia State University                    Athens                GA
ATL   Atlanta Rowing Club                         Atlanta               GA
GAT   Georgia Tech Crew                           Atlanta               GA
STA   St. Andrew Rowing Center                    Atlanta               GA
AGC   Augusta College Rowing Club                 Augusta               GA
AUG   Augusta Rowing Club                         Augusta               GA
ATJ   Atlanta Junior R.A.                         Roswell               GA
IOW   University of Iowa Rowing Club                                    IA
IAR   Iowa Rowing Association                                           IA
QUD   Quad City Rowing Association                Davenport             IA
DMN   Des Moines Rowing Club                      Des Moines            IA
DRK   Drake University Crew                       Des Moines            IA
UIA   Univ. of Iowa Rowing Association            Iowa City             IA
WLO   Waterloo Rowing Club                        Waterloo              IA
COE   Coeur d'Alene Rowing Association            Coeur d'Alene         ID
NON   Nonesuch Oar and Paddle Club                Pocatello             ID
BIB   Bickel and Brew Crew                        Chicago               IL
CHR   Chicago River Aquatic Center                Chicago               IL
KWD   Kenwood Academy                             Chicago               IL
LNC   Lincoln Park Boat Club                      Chicago               IL
CHG   Univ. of Chicago Crew                       Chicago               IL
NWU   Northwestern University Crew                Evanston              IL
IRO   Illinois River Oarsman                      Peoria                IL
RCK   Rockford YMCA Rowing Club                   Rockford              IL
LYA   Loyola Academy Crew                         Wilmette              IL
INU   Indiana University Rowing Club              Bloomington           IN
WAB   Wabash Rowing Club                          Crawfordsville        IN
CUL   Culver Academies                            Culver                IN
MCH   Michiana Rowing Association                 Elkhart               IN
ELK   Elkhart Sculling and R.C.                   Granger               IN
DEP   DePauw University Crew                      Greencastle           IN
IRC   Indianapolis Rowing Center                  Indianapolis          IN
NDA   Notre Dame Rowing Club                      Notre Dame            IN
PUR   Purdue University Crew Club                 West Lafayette        IN
UKS   Univ. of Kansas Crew                        Lawrence              KS
KSS   Kansas State R.A.                           Manhattan             KS
TOP   Topeka Rowing Association                   Topeka                KS
WCH   Wichita Rowing Association                  Wichita               KS
WIC   Wichita State University Crew               Wichita               KS
NWS   Northwest State University Rowing           Natchitoches          LA
NRL   New Orleans Rowing Club                     New Orleans           LA
TUL   Tulane Rowing Association                   New Orleans           LA
AMH   Amherst College R.A.                        Amherst               MA
UMA   Univ. of Massachusetts Crew Club            Amherst               MA
YNK   Yankee Rowing Club                          Amherst               MA
PAA   Phillips Academy                            Andover               MA
BMT   Belmont Rowing Association                  Belmont               MA
BCR   Boston Collegiate Rowing Association        Boston                MA
BOS   Boston University Crew                      Boston                MA
HBS   Harvard Business School Boat Club           Boston                MA
HBW   Harvard Business School Women's R.C.        Boston                MA
NEU   Northeastern University Crew                Boston                MA
NUW   Northeastern University Women's Crew        Boston                MA
SMM   Simmons College Crew                        Boston                MA
UNN   Union Boat Club                             Boston                MA
WID   Wide Load Boat Club                         Boston                MA
WND   Windsor School Crew                         Boston                MA
BMW   Boston Masters Women                        Brighton              MA
BOT   Boston 'T' Club                             Cambridge             MA
BRC   Boston Rowing Center                        Cambridge             MA
BBN   Buckingham, Brown & Nichols School          Cambridge             MA
CAM   Cambridge Boat Club                         Cambridge             MA
CRR   Charles River Rowing Association            Cambridge             MA
CRI   Community Rowing, Inc.                      Cambridge             MA
HLS   Harvard Law School Crew                     Cambridge             MA
HSC   Harvard Sculling Club                       Cambridge             MA
HAR   Harvard University Crew                     Cambridge             MA
ITW   Itaewan Rowing Club                         Cambridge             MA
MIT   Massachusetts Inst. of Technology           Cambridge             MA
MMM   Memmian Rowing Club                         Cambridge             MA
RAD   Radcliffe Crew                              Cambridge             MA
RIV   Riverside Boat Club                         Cambridge             MA
TEC   Tech Alumni Rowing Association              Cambridge             MA
WAR   Warren Rowing Club                          Cambridge             MA
REG   Regenbogen Rowing Club                      Centerville           MA
BST   Boston College Crew Club                    Chestnut Hill         MA
NRT   Northeastern University R.A.                Concord               MA

NOB   Noble & Greenough School                    Dedham                MA
NEC   Northeast Sculling & Rowing Center          Duxbury               MA
HUL   Hull Lifesaving Museum                      Hull                  MA
MER   Merrimac River Rowing Association           Lowell                MA
LOW   Univ. of Lowell                             Lowell                MA
TAB   Tabor Academy                               Marion                MA
MYV   Mystic Valley Rowing Association            Medford               MA
TFT   Tufts College Crew                          Medford               MA
NMH   Northfield Mount Hermon School              Mt. Hermon            MA
LBV   Little Brave Canoe Rowing CLub              North Andover         MA
SMI   Smith College                               Northampton           MA
BBL   Barnstable Rowing                           Osterville            MA
BRK   Berkshire School Rowing                     Sheffield             MA
SJJ   St. John's High School                      Shrewsbury            MA
TBM   Better Motion (The)                         South Hadley          MA
HYK   Mount Holyoke College Crew                 South Hadley           MA
STM   St. Mark's School Boat Club                 Southborough          MA
BND   Brandeis University Crew                    Waltham               MA
ALT   Alte Achter Boat Club                       Wellesley             MA
WLS   Wellesley College Crew                      Wellesley             MA
CPC   Cape Cod Community College                  West Barnstable       MA
ONO   Onota Lake Rowing Club                      Williamstown          MA
WLL   Williams College Boat Club                  Williamstown          MA
ASM   Assumption College Crew                     Worcester             MA
CRK   Clark University                            Worcester             MA
HCC   Holy Cross College Crew                     Worcester             MA
QUI   Quinsigamond Regatta Association            Worcester             MA
WPI   Worcester Polytechnic Institute Crew        Worcester             MA
WRC   Worcester State Crew Club                   Worcester             MA
ANN   Annapolis Rowing Club                       Annapolis             MD
STJ   St. John's Rowing Club                      Annapolis             MD
NAV   U.S. Naval Academy                          Annapolis             MD
BAL   Baltimore Rowing Club                       Baltimore             MD
JHU   Johns Hopkins University Crew               Baltimore             MD
WWH   Walt Whitman Crew Boosters, Inc.            Bethesda              MD
CHE   Chester River Rowing Club                   Chestertown           MD
WSC   Washington College                          Chestertown           MD
WRA   Washington Rowing Association               Chevy Chase           MD
BGL   Bridgton Lakes R.C.                         Bridgton              ME
BOW   Bowdoin Rowing Association                  Brunswick             ME
BAT   Bates College R.A.                          Lewiston              ME
CBY   Colby College Crew                          Waterville            ME
CSB   Casco Bay Rowing Center                     Yarmouth              ME
GRV   Grand Valley Crew Club                      Allendale             MI
ARB   Ann Arbor Rowing Club                       Ann Arbor             MI
HUR   Huron Rowing Club                           Ann Arbor             MI
BYC   Bay City Rowing Club                        Bay City              MI
MSU   Michigan State University Crew              East Lansing          MI
ECO   Ecorse Rowing Club                          Ecorse                MI
GRR   Grand Rapids Rowing Club                    Grand Rapids          MI
GRS   Grosse Ile Rowing Club                      Grosse Ile            MI
DET   Detroit Boat Club                           Lathrup Village       MI
LNS   Lansing Oar and Paddle Club                 Olcamos               MI
FDR   Friends of Detroit Rowing                   St. Clair Shores      MI
WYA   Wyandotte Boat Club                         Wyandotte             MI
SJM   St. John's University (CSB/SJU)             Collegeville          MN
SJB   St. John's/St. Ben's Rowing Club            Collegeville          MN
DUL   Duluth Rowing Club                          Duluth                MN
MPL   Minneapolis Rowing Club                     Minneapolis           MN
UMN   Univ. of Minnesota Crew                     Minneapolis           MN
RST   Rochester Rowing Club                       Rochester             MN
STC   St. Cloud State University                  St. Cloud             MN
MAC   Macalester College                          St. Paul              MN
STH   St. Thomas Crew Club                        St. Paul              MN
MIN   Minnesota Boat Club                         St. Paul.             MN
KNC   Kansas City Rowing Club                     Kansas City           MO
STL   St. Louis Rowing Club                       St. Louis             MO
WSU   Washington University Crew                  St. Louis             MO
UMI   Univ. of Michigan Crew                      Ann Arbor             Ml
UNC   Univ. of North Carolina Crew                Chapel Hill           NC
DUK   Duke University Crew                        Durham                NC
CPF   Cape Fear River Rowing Club                 Wilmington            NC
UNB   Univ. of Nebraska                           Lincoln               NE
SPS   St. Paul's School Crew                      Concord               NH
DUR   Durham Boat Club                            Durham                NH
UNH   Univ. of New Hampshire Crew                 Durham                NH
PEA   Phillips Exeter Academy/Exeter              Exeter                NH
SQM   Squamscott Scullers                         Exeter                NH
DAR   Dartmouth College/Dartmouth R.C.            Hanover               NH
HVR   Hanover Rowing Club                         Hanover               NH
SAU   Saint-Aubin Rowing Club                     Kingston              NH

AMO   Amoskeag Rowing Club                        Manchester            NH
NHC   New Hampshire College Rowing Club           Manchester            NH
BRW   Brewster Academy R.A.                       Wolfeboro             NH
HSP   Holy Spirit High School Crew                Absecon               NJ
BRG   Brigantine Rowing Club                      Brigantine            NJ
OND   Oneida Boat Club Rowing Association         Burlington            NJ
NER   Nereid Boat Club                            East Rutherford       NJ
NVK   Navesink River Rowing Club                  Eatontown             NJ
PED   Peddie School Crew (The)                    Hightstown            NJ
TRT   Triton Rowing Club                          Montville             NJ
RSM   Rude & Smooth Boat Club                     Neshanic              NJ
RAR   Raritan Valley Rowing Association           Piscataway            NJ
RUT   Rutgers University                          Piscataway            NJ
CAR   Carnegie Lake Rowing Association            Princeton             NJ
HUN   Hun School of Princeton                     Princeton             NJ
PRI   Princeton University R.A.                   Princeton             NJ
VIK   Viking Rowing Foundation                    Ventnor City          NJ
ALB   Albany Rowing Center                        Albany                NY
SNY   SUNY-Albany Crew Team                       Albany                NY
MOH   Mohawk River Boat Club                      Amsterdam             NY
NYM   New York Maritime College Crew              Bronx                 NY
MRT   SUNY-NY Maritime College Crew Team          Bronx                 NY
SSR   Sound Shore Rowing Center, Inc.             Bronx                 NY
SLC   Sarah Lawrence College                      Bronxville            NY
NUB   Nubia Sculling Crew Program                 Brooklyn              NY
CNI   Canisius College                            Buffalo               NY
BUF   State Univ. of N.Y. at Buffalo              Buffalo               NY
WST   West Side Rowing Club of Buffalo            Buffalo               NY
SLW   St. Lawrence University Rowing Club         Canton                NY
HAM   Hamilton College Crew                       Clinton               NY
NVM   Navy Masters Rowing CLub                    East Aurora           NY
HWS   Hobart and William Smith Rowing             Geneva                NY
ESA   East Arm Rowing Club                        Greenwood Lake        NY
CGT   Colgate University Rowing Club              Hamilton              NY
HOF   Hofstra University Crew Club                Hempstead             NY
ARL   Arlington High School Crew                  Hopewell Junction     NY
SAG   Sagamore Rowing Association                 Huntington            NY
VAS   Vassar College Crew Club                    Hyde Park             NY
CAS   Cascadilla Boat Club                        Ithaca                NY
COR   Cornell University                          Ithaca                NY
ITH   Ithaca College Crew                         Ithaca                NY
SJU   St. John's University Crew                  Jamaica               NY
MMA   U.S. Merchant Marine Academy                Kings Point           NY
SYC   Syracuse Chargers Rowing Club               Liverpool             NY
SYA   Syracuse Alumni Rowing Association          Lockport              NY
LBH   Long Beach High School Crew                 Long Beach            NY
ION   Iona College Crew                           New Rochelle          NY
BDG   Bulldog Rowing Club                         New York              NY
COL   Columbia University Crew                    New York              NY
EMP   Empire State Rowing Association             New York              NY
FRD   Fordham University Crew                     New York              NY
KGC   King's Crown Rowing Association             New York              NY
MRG   Morningside Rowing Association              New York              NY
NYA   New York Athletic Club                      New York              NY
NYU   New York University                         New York              NY
PRS   Project Sail                                New York              NY
DOW   Dowling College Crew                        Oakdale               NY
YOF   Yale Old Fellows Rowing Association         Oneonta               NY
MST   Marist College Crew                         Poughkeepsie          NY
MHU   Mid-Hudson Rowing Association               Poughkeepsie          NY
AQT   Aqueduct Rowing Club                        Rexford               NY
MAN   Manhattan College Crew Club                 Riverdale             NY
RCH   Rochester Rowing Club                       Rochester             NY
RIT   Rochester Institute of Technology           Rochester             NY
SKD   Skidmore College Crew                       Saratoga              NY
STG   Saratoga Springs Rowing Club                Saratoga Springs      NY
NSK   Niskayuna Crew Club                         Schenectady           NY
UIN   Union College Rowing Association            Schenectady           NY
BOX   Box Hill Rowing Association                 St. James             NY
HYD   Hyde Park Rowing Association                Staatsburg            NY
CAZ   Cazenovia Rowing Club                       Syracuse              NY
SYR   Syracuse University Crew                    Syracuse              NY
RPI   Rensselaer Crew Club                        Troy                  NY
ARM   United States Military Academy              West Point            NY
CJR   Cincinnati Junior Rowing Center             Cincinnati            OH
CRC   Cincinnati Rowing Center                    Cincinnati            OH
CIN   Univ. of Cincinnati Rowing Club             Cincinnati            OH
VIR   Xavier Univ. Crew                           Cincinnati            OH
CWR   Case Western Reserve University             Cleveland             OH
WRR   Western Reserve Rowing Association          Cleveland             OH
BEA   Beaumont School Crew                        Cleveland Heights     OH
CMB   Greater Columbus Rowing Club                Columbus              OH
OHS   Ohio State Crew Club                        Columbus              OH
DAY   Univ. of Dayton Rowing Club                 Dayton                OH
OHI   Ohio Athletic Club                          Dublin                OH
GDY   Greater Dayton R.A.                         Englewood             OH
MAR   Marietta Rowing Association                 Marietta              OH
MIU   Miami University Rowing Club                Oxford                OH
TOL   Toledo Rowing Club                          Toledo                OH
OKC   Oklahoma City Rowing Club                   Oklahoma City         OK
TLS   Tulsa Rowing Club                           Tulsa                 OK
BVR   Beaver Crew Association                     Beaverton             OR
OSU   Oregon State University Crew                Corvallis             OR
ORA   Oregon Association of Rowers                Eugene                OR
UOR   Univ. of Oregon Crew                        Eugene                OR
ORU   Oregon Rowing Unlimited                     Lake Oswego           OR
BLH   Blue Heron Rowing Club                      Portland              OR
LCC   Lewis & Clark College Crew                  Portland              OR
MLT   Multnomah Athletic Club                     Portland              OR
PRT   Portland Boat Club                          Portland              OR
PTD   Portland State University                   Portland              OR
PRV   Portland/Vancouver Rowing Assoc.            Portland              OR
SNL   Station L Rowing Club                       Portland              OR
ELL   Ellis School Crew Club                      Allison Parke         PA
VLL   Villanova University Crew                   Ambler                PA
BON   Bonner Rowing Association                   Ardmore               PA
PHD   Philadelphia Rowing Prg. for Disabled       Ardmore               PA
LEH   Lehigh University Crew Club                 Bethlehem             PA
AMS   American Sculling                           Carlisle              PA
LFY   Lafayette College Crew                      Easton                PA
LVY   Lehigh Valley Rowing Association            Easton                PA
TEM   Temple University Crew                      Elkins Park           PA
MCY   Mercyhurst Prep School                      Erie                  PA
SSQ   Susquehanna Rowing Association              Harrisburg            PA
MER   Upper Merion Boat Club                      King Of Prussia       PA
UPM   Upper Merion B.C. for Compet. & Recr.       King of Prussia       PA
FMC   Franklin & Marshall College                 Lancaster             PA
BCK   Bucknell University Crew                    Lewisburg             PA
MLB   Mount Lebanon High School Crew Club         Moon Twp.             PA
BCH   Bachelors Barge Club                        Philadelphia          PA
CHA   Chestnut Hill Academy                       Philadelphia          PA
CLG   College Boat Club                           Philadelphia          PA
CMT   Compote Rowing Association                  Philadelphia          PA
CRE   Crescent Boat Club                          Philadelphia          PA
DRX   Drexel University Crew                      Philadelphia          PA
FRA   Fairmount Rowing Association                Philadelphia          PA
FJG   Father Judge High School                    Philadelphia          PA
LSL   La Salle University Crew                    Philadelphia          PA
MAL   Malta Boat Club                             Philadelphia          PA
PAC   Penn A.C. Rowing Association                Philadelphia          PA
PEN   Univ. of Pennsylvania                       Philadelphia          PA
PGR   Philadelphia Girls' Rowing Club             Philadelphia          PA
SKL   Schuylkill Navy                             Philadelphia          PA
UND   Undine Barge Club of Philadelphia           Philadelphia          PA
UNV   University Barge Club                       Philadelphia          PA
VES   Vesper Boat Club                            Philadelphia          PA
VIL   Villanova University                        Philadelphia          PA
CRL   Carlow College Crew Club                    Pittsburgh            PA
CMU   Carnegie Mellon University R.C.             Pittsburgh            PA
CCH   Central Catholic High School Crew           Pittsburgh            PA
CTH   Chatham College                             Pittsburgh            PA
DUQ   Duquesne University Crew                    Pittsburgh            PA
NCA   North Catholic High School                  Pittsburgh            PA
OAC   Oakland Catholic H.S. Crew Club             Pittsburgh            PA
THR   Three Rivers Rowing Association             Pittsburgh            PA
PIT   Univ. of Pittsburgh Rowing Club             Pittsburgh            PA
UPS   Upper St. Clair Crew                        Pittsburgh            PA
SQU   Susquehanna University Crew Club            Selinsgrove           PA
ALG   Allegheny River Rowing Club                 Verona                PA
NAL   North Allegheny Rowing Club                 Wexford               PA
WLK   Wilkes University Crew Club                 Wilkes-Barre          PA
GOR   Go Row Club                                 Williamsport          PA
LSH   La Salle College High School                Wyndmoor              PA
RWU   Roger Williams University Crew              Bristol               RI
ORI   OARS of Rhode Island                        Kingston              RI
OSP   Osprey Rowing Club                          Kingston              RI
URI   Univ. of Rhode Island Rowing                Kingston              RI
BRN   Brown University                            Providence            RI
NAR   Narragansett Boat Club                      Providence            RI
CLM   Clemson University R.A.                     Clemson               SC
FUR   Furman University Crew                      Greenville            SC
PAL   Palmetto Rowing Club                        Hilton Head Island    SC
CHT   Chattanooga Rowing Center                   Chattanooga           TN
LKT   Lookout Rowing Club                         Chattanooga           TN
UTC   Univ. of Tennessee - Chattanooga            Chattanooga           TN
KNX   Knoxville R.A.                              Knoxville             TN
UTN   Univ. of Tennessee Rowing Club              Knoxville             TN
VND   Vanderbilt Rowing                           Nashville             TN
OKR   Oak Ridge Rowing Association                Oak Ridge             TN
FTW   Fort Worth Rowing Club                      Arlington             TX
AST   Austin Rowing Club                          Austin                TX
TXR   Texas Rowing                                Austin                TX
TEX   Univ. of Texas                              Austin                TX
DAL   Dallas Rowing Club                          Dallas                TX
SMU   Southern Methodist University               Dallas                TX
BYH   Bay Area R.C. of Houston                    Houston               TX
RIC   Rice Rowing Club                            Houston               TX
HOU   Greater Houston Rowing Club                 Suger Land            TX
WDL   Woodlands Rowing Club (The)                 The Woodlands         TX
WAC   Waco Rowing Club                            Waco                  TX
SLT   Salt Lake Sculling                          Salt Lake City        UT
ALX   Alexandria Community Rowing                 Alexandria            VA
TCW   TC Williams High School                     Alexandria            VA
TJF   Thomas Jefferson H.S. Crew Boosters         Alexandria            VA
WPO   West Potomac Crew Boosters                  Alexandria            VA
OCC   Occoquan Boat Club                          Burke                 VA
RNN   Rivanna Rowing Club                         Charlottesvile        VA
UVA   Univ. of Virginia R.A.                      Charlottesville       VA
VRG   Virginia Rowing Association                 Charlottesville       VA
HYL   Hylton Crew Boosters Club                   Dumfries              VA
PTB   Potomac Crew Boosters Club                  Dumfries              VA
GMU   George Mason University Crew Club           Fairfax               VA
RBS   James Robinson Jr. High School Crew         Fairfax               VA
PRD   Potomac River Development Center            Fairfax               VA
WOO   Woodrow Wilson H.S. Boosters Club           Fairfax               VA
MYW   Mary Washington College Crew                Fredericksburg        VA
HMP   Hampton Roads Rowing CLub                   Norfolk               VA
ODC   Old Dominion Rowing Club                    Norfolk               VA
WDB   Woodbridge Crew, Inc.                       Occoquan              VA
RCD   Univ. of Richmond Rowing Club               Richmond              VA
VBC   Virginia Boat Club                          Richmond              VA
WMC   William and Mary Crew Club                  Williamsburg          VA
GFD   Gar-Field Crew Boosters Club                Woodbridge            VA
PWL   Prince William Crew Association             Woodbridge            VA
UVM   Univ. of Vermont Crew Club                  Burlington            VT
SWK   Sparhawk Sculling School                    Colehester            VT
MDL   Middlebury College Rowing Club              Middlebury            VT
MOT   Motley Rowing Club                          Morrisville           VT
KET   Kettle Cove Boat Club                       Woodstock             VT
CNB   Conibear Rowing Club                        Bellevue              WA
WWU   Western Washington University               Bellingham            WA
LCH   Lake Chelan Boat Racers                     Chelan                WA
EVE   Everett Rowing Association                  Everett               WA
MSB   Moss Bay/Chandler's Cove Rowing Club        Kirkland              WA
WST   Washington State University                 Pullman               WA
AMR   Ancient Mariners Rowing Club                Seattle               WA
BSH   Bush School Crew                            Seattle               WA
FRT   Fremont Area Rowing Team                    Seattle               WA
GLC   Green Lake Crew                             Seattle               WA
HYN   Holy Names Academy                          Seattle               WA
LKW   Lake Washington Rowing Club                 Seattle               WA
LKS   Lakeside School                             Seattle               WA
MTB   Mount Baker Rowing & Sailing Center         Seattle               WA
RAI   Rainer Rowing CLub                          Seattle               WA
REN   Renton Rowing                               Seattle               WA
SPU   Seattle Pacific University Crew             Seattle               WA
SEA   Seattle Rowing Club                         Seattle               WA
STT   Seattle Tennis Club                         Seattle               WA
SYT   Seattle Yacht Club Crew                     Seattle               WA
UBY   Union Bay Rowing Club                       Seattle               WA
WAS   Univ. of Washington Rowing                  Seattle               WA
GZG   Gonzaga University R.A.                     Spokane               WA
AML   American Lake Rowing Club                   Tacoma                WA
LUT   Lute Varsity Rowing Club                    Tacoma                WA
PLU   Pacific Lutheran University Crew            Tacoma                WA
PUG   Univ. of Puget Sound                        Tacoma                WA
VSH   Vashon Women's Rowing