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RU Koda; Class of 2011; RU Sierra
PROGRAM 2011-2013
We are on hiatus, with no new horses brought onto campus. With the poor economy, difficulty placing horses and massive accumulation of unanalyzed, unpublished data, Dr. Ralston decided to focus on getting data analyzed, papers published (See below!) and re-assessing the direction the program should take. We are working on developing new items for the website and new directions for the program, such as improved access to resources to encourage responsible horse ownership through a grass roots project called, tagline:Horseowners helping Horseowners.
Meanwhile we will continue to showcase our "graduates"-both 2 and 4 legged!


April, 2016
RU Blaze (Class of 2003) and Katie Vogel's mustang, Fez, were both featured in the Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society's March 2016 Newsletter.
Click here to read (check out page 4)!

Attention Warmblood and palomino/buckskin/grulla fans!
There are 55 straws of frozen semen available from Mystic Blue Eyes (aka "Harley"), an imported cremello German Warmblood stallion.  He is confirmed by the University of California to throw only palominos, buckskins, and grullas.  All of the semen (approximately 18 breedings) is available for $1500. 
He was used at Hiatt Ranch in 2006-2010 and sired one RU Grad, RU Mackenzie, Class of 2008, owned by Chelsea Bullock.  If interested, please contact Barb Morgan or Rod Hiatt  at  317-989-9279.

Mystic Blue Eyes
Photo by Rod Hiatt

RU Mackenzie, Class of 2008, Owned by Chelsea Bullock
Mystic Blue Eyes x Baby
Photo by Chelsea Bullock
(Click here to see additional photos of RU Mackenzie!)

Mustang DNA Testing
Former student Carly Painter discovered a DNA testing service for mustangs performed by Texas A&M.  The test uses mane or tail hair to determine which breeds are present in a particular mustang.  It would certainly be interesting to know the genetic makeup of our RU Mustang graduates, considering their significant variation in location of capture and conformation! Click the link below for more information!

July, 2012

RU Sirius and his proud new owner, Stephanie (top row) and RU Santiago (bottom row)
modeling the new
RU Grad saddlepad. Available for purchase now from
Dr. Ralston or the Rutgers Equine Science Center!

(Click photos to see a larger image.)

 Two sizes available, regular all purpose (like the one Sirius has on) or extra large dressage.
They were made special order from Lettia through Rick's Saddle Shop.
$30.00 each plus $7.00 shipping if you can't just come to Rutgers to pick one up!.

There are 4(!) new refereed publications generated by this program that are available on-line. Three are about the teaching program:

Ralston SL, Molnar A. Rutgers Young Horse Teaching and Research Program: sustainability of taking a risk with "at risk" horses. Journal of Animal Science. 2012 Jul 5. [Epub ahead of print]  PMID: 22767092. 
Ralston SL. Rutgers Young Horse Teaching and Research Program: undergraduate student outcomes.
Journal of Animal Science. 2012 Jul 5. [Epub ahead of print]  PMID: 22767090.
Otto J, Ralston SL. Disseminating equine research and teaching videos through the institutional repository: a collaboration. Journal of Agricultural and Food Information 13(1):64-77, 2012.

These three can only be accessed through the library or if you have a subscription to the journal-If you would like a copy please contact Dr. Ralston

and the fourth is on vitamin C and transportation stress:

Ralston SL, Stives M. Supplementation of ascorbic acid in weanling horses following prolonged transportation. Animals 2:184-194 (Special issue: Monogastric Animal Nutrition and Metabolism), 2012. Open access!

I am VERY proud that Anne Molnar and Michelles Stives were students of mine. Anne just graduated, Michelle has her DVM degree and is practising veterinary medicine in New Jersey!

May, 2012
We have archived somed of the hundreds of videos taken the last two years of both
the research trial behavior tests, horses playing, and even some procedures  such as
 hoof trimming and inducing (and waking up) from anesthesia that are available
for public viewing in a searchable format in the Rutgers Libraries RUCore (Click here to access). In the search panel just type in your favorite 2010 graduate's name to see
their videos, or a topic!

Graduate Updates:

Blaze of Glory (Previously RU Blaze) (Class of 2003)
RU Gulliver (Previously RU Pardner) (Class of 2010)
RU Lenore (Class of 2007)
RU Sebastian (Class of 2009)
RU Dreamcatcher (Class of 2007)

RU Koda (Class of 2011) Available for lease!
RU Sierra (Class of 2011)
RU Sassafras (Class of 2011)
RU Levi (Class of 2011)
RU Santana (Class of 2011)- SOLD! Click here to read about his new owners!

RU Casanova (Class of 2010)
RU Prodigal Son (Class of 2009)
RU Santiago (Class of 2007)
RU Sirius (Class of 2008)

There are several Graduates for sale, notably RU Jasmine, an 8 year old mare by Cadillac Coyjack out of the Belgian Cross mare "Red," started under saddle. Click here for more information on Jasmine!  RU Diamond is also for sale.  She is an 11 year old Moon Hippie daughter out of a belgian mare, well trained but recently diagnosed with polysaccharide storage myopathy (easily controlled by diet). We are waiting for photos and more info.

Check out our new "2-Legged" graduate section to see what some of our
 former students are up to now!

Please send us updates!

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