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1/1/15 - Effective January 1, 2015, the IRS has increased the mileage reimbursement rate by $0.015 to $0.575 per mile. In accordance with the university travel policy, all mileage reimbursements for university travel subsequent to January 1, 2015 is reimbursable at the new IRS rate of $0.575. Any mileage occurring prior to January 1, 2015 can be reimbursed at the former IRS rate of $0.560.

7/15/13 - Mileage Reimbursement Rate

8/2/2013 Travel Restrictions Update – Out of State Travel Restriction is Rescinded – Out of State Travel may now be charged to a State designated  account.

Oversight of travel by faculty or staff - whether on state or non-state accounts –
 is the responsibility of the deans (for faculty) and the vice  presidents or chancellors (for staff), who will be in charge of  implementing travel approval procedures specific to their areas.


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University Travel Policy Guidelines:
Travel, Travel Incidentals, and Meal Expense Policy (Regulation 40.4.1 formally 6.1.10)
Preferred Travel Agencies:
Gateway Travel – RBHS
Kriegner Travel Services, Inc. (formerly American Colpitt)
Kuller/Class A Travel (IT Travel)
Worldtek Travel
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New Brunswick Hotel Rates
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Direct Billing Option
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FAQ's for RU Travel Card
RU Travel Card Policies and Applications
Oanda Currency Converter: (Click Here)
Getting Reimbursed:
Automobile Mileage Rate
Employee Relocation Policy
Lost Receipt Form
New Jersey Mileage Chart
New Jersey Sales Tax Exemption Letter
Out of State Tax Exemption Letter
State Occupancy Fee
TABER Checklist
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Unused Air Ticket Affidavit
Training Materials
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Meal Per Diem Options
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IRS Domestic Per Diem Rates
IRS Domestic Per Diem Rates for Alaska & Hawaii
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Foreign Cities
IRS Foreign Per Diem Rates
Foreign Cities w/$50 Per Diem



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