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Rutgers International Emergency Assistance

Rutgers faculty, staff, and graduate students often travel abroad on university business and conduct research in remote places. An HMO or Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance policy may not cover many critical areas and services while abroad. Even with this coverage, locating appropriate medical assistance and obtaining the resources for treatment can be time consuming and costly. To make sure that University travelers have coverage in the event of an emergency abroad the Office of Risk Management is pleased to offer free emergency medical assistance through the International SOS program.  The International SOS Assistance Program should be used a compliment to your existing medical insurance and encompasses areas such as:

* Medical Assistance including hospital admission deposit, medical monitoring, dispatch of a doctor or specialist, emergency medical evacuation, and medically supervised repatriation.

* Personal Assistance including pre-trip medical referral information, emergency medication, embassy and consular information, lost document assistance, emergency message transmission, medical emergency cash advance, legal access, translator/interpreter access, medical benefits verification and medical claims assistance.

* Travel Assistance including emergency travel arrangements, transportation to join disabled member, return of minor children, return of traveling companion, and return of vehicle.

Note: This Emergency Medical Assistance is neither medical nor trip cancellation insurance. It is designed to get you to competent emergency medical care if needed. 

In order to enroll in this program:

NOTE: To activate the card for subsequent trips, travelers must register separately for each international trip they make.
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