Newark Basin Coring Project cores. The yellow crosses show the location of the seven NBCP coring sites: N=Nursery, M=Martinsville, P=Princeton, R=Rutgers, S=Somerset; T=Titusville, and W=Weston. The left cross section runs along a line connecting the Titusville and Nursery sites; the relative location of Princeton is also shown. The right cross section runs along a line connecting the Martinsville and Rutgers sites; the relative locations of Weston and Somerset are also shown. The map and cross sections are not at the same scale. There is some stratigraphic overlap between pairs of adjacent cores. For example, the top of the Lockatong Formation is present at the bottom of the Titusville core and the top of the Nursery core. Modified from Schlische (1992), Olsen et al. (1996), and Schlische (2002).