Geologic map of the Argana basin.  The oldest units deposited in a rift basin (green, medium blue) outcrop on the east side of the basin; younger units (light blue and red) outcrop on the west side. Units also thicken to the west, suggesting that the boundary fault is located to the west. The dashed gray line shows a hypothesized location of the boundary fault. The actual location of the fault is unknown because it is buried beneath late Early Jurassic and younger rocks (pink). Modified from Tixeront (1973).

Geologic map of the Fundy basin. The units deposited in this rift basin generally dip and thicken toward to the northwest and north, the locations of the boundary faults (heavy black lines).  Although the formations in the Fundy and Argana basins are very similar, it is unlikely that they ever part of a larger, single rift basin. Rather, the formations were deposited under similar climatic conditions. Modified from Schlische (2002).