Office for the Promotion of Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics
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Rutgers is proud to showcase women faculty members in science, engineering, and mathematics. Faculty profiles provide both biographical information and, for some professors, a first-person account of how the faculty member became a scientist.

These profiles will introduce people from around the world to the contributions of Rutgers’ outstanding female scientists, foster a sense of community among Rutgers’ women scientists, and enable young women to explore careers in science, engineering, mathematics, and the health professions.

Featured Faculty
Rodenburg (formerly Totten), Lisa Ann
Lisa's Profile
Lisa's Story
Rodenburg (formerly Totten), Lisa Ann
Assistant Professor

Phone: 732-932-9800, ext. 6218

Ph.D., John Hopkins University, 1999

Department of Environmental Sciences, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, New Brunswick; Rutgers

Areas of Interest: Environmental Organic Chemistry, Organic Contaminants and Pollutants.