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Gordon, Marion
Marion "Emmy"'s Profile
Gordon, Marion "Emmy" K.
Associate Professor

Phone: 732-445-3751

Ph.D., University of Medicine and Dentistry of N.J. jointly with Rutgers University, 1986

Professional Summary/CV [.PDF]

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, New Brunswick; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
Providing pharmacy students with a solid basis in renal pharmacology and vascular pathophysiology.
Teaching Areas
Renal Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology Relating to the Vasculature.
Memberships and Professional Service
National Societies: Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology; American Association of Anatomist; American Society for Matrix Biology; American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Society of Toxicology. Regional Society: New Jersey Skin Club; Current Professional Service: Program Committee Co-chair for the American Association of Anatomists annual meeting (elected), 2004-2008; co-director of the Signal the NIEHS Center for Excellence at the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute, Piscataway, NJ (jointly administered by Rutgers University and UMDNJ, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School), 2004-2008; American Association of Anatomists Executive Committee and Educational Affairs Committee member, 2004-2008; Editorial Board for Developmental Dynamics; Board of Reviewers for Anatomical Record.
Grants, Honors, and Awards
NIEHS ( National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) Exploratory Research Pilot Project awarded through the NIEHS Center of Excellence Grant for Environmental Health Sciences, 2006-2007; NIH (National Institutes of Health) Grant: UMDNJ/Rutgers University CounterACT Research Center of Excellence, 2006-2011; NIH Grant: Expression of Specialized Collagens in Cornea, 2005-2010; Award: "Avian Cornea Developmental Regulation of Collagens," 1988-1991.
Academic Interests and Plans
My academic interests include the contribution of collagens to corneal transparency, the regulation of corneal development and wound healing via expression of discrete sets of collagens, the role of Fibril-Associated Collagens with Interrupted Triple helices (FACITs) in collagen fibril assembly, the pathological assembly of collagen matrices in the cornea, liver, lung, umbilical arteries & fetal membranes, the function of transmembrane collagens in development and wound healing, the role of EMMPRIN and collagen XXIII in tumor progression and metastasis, the impact of diesel particles on capillary endothelial cell biology, and the retardation of normal corneal wound healing after sulfur mustard exposure.