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Tomassone, M. Silvina
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Tomassone, M. Silvina
Associate Professor

Phone: 732-445-2972

Ph.D., Northeastern University, 1998

Professional Summary/CV [.PDF]

Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, School of Engineering, New Brunswick; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
Surfactant Morphology and Dynamics, Nanoparticles (clean and in suspension), Particle Shape Monitoring and Control in Crystallization Processes using MD, Bio-Nano Robotics, Granular Materials.
Teaching Areas
Transport Phenomena - Fluid Mechanics, Transport Phenomena - Heat and Mass Transfer, Advanced Transport Phenomena, Nanomaterials.
Memberships and Professional Service
Director of Center of Computing Laboratory at the Chemical Engineering Department at Rutgers University; Reviewer in NSF Panels, numerous international journals and conferences; Fellow of the Douglass Project for the Rutgers Women in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering; Advisor to undergraduate students in summer research; Session Chair and Co-Chair in AICHE.
Grants, Honors, and Awards
Teaching Excellence Award, 2006; Rutgers FASIP Award for Research, Teaching and Service, 2005; NSF IGERT Co-Director of the Nanopharmaceutical Program, 2005; Rutgers FASIP Award for Research, Teaching and Service, 2004; Rutgers FASIP Award for Research, Teaching and Service, 2002; Pfizer Young Faculty Award 2006; NSF IGERT in Nanopharmaceutical, 2005; NSF NIRT, "Environmentally Benign Mixing of Nanoparticles," PI: R. Dave(NJIT), Co-PI's: S. Tomassone, S. Sundaresan, R. Pfeffer, 2005; Merck Excellence Graduate Fellowship and Faculty Development Award, 2002; NSF NER Award, Continuous Manufacturing of Polymer Encapsulated Nanoparticles using FIPI, 2003; NSF NIRT, "Bio-Nano Robotic Systems using Viral Protein nano MOtors," Role: Co-PI (PI: C. Mavroidis) 9/1/2003-8/31/2007.
Academic Interests and Plans
My academic interests include: Thermodynamics of Fluids, Interfacial Phenomena, Nanoparticle Mechanics, Surfactant Dynamics, Nanotribology Polymers, Spreading Dynamics, Contact Mechanics of Nanoparticles, and Crystallization of Pharmaceuticals.