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Faculty Profile
Byrd-Bredbenner, Debra C
Debra's Profile
Byrd-Bredbenner, Debra C
Extension Specialist

Phone: 732-932-2382

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 1980

Department of Nutritional Sciences, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, New Brunswick; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
Nutrition Labeling, Portion Sizes, Media, Television Programming, Food Advertising and Body Image, Food preparation skills.
Grants, Honors, and Awards
Named "Outstanding Dietetics Educator," American Dietetic Association, 1999; Served as a Fellow to the United Nations, World Health Organization (worked at the WHO Collaborating Center for Nutrition Education, University of Athens, Greece); Recipient of the National Awards Program for Excellence in College and University Teaching in the Food and Agricultural Sciences awarded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Academic Interests and Plans
Most health professionals intuitively feel that a number of environmental factors affect dietary choices which, in turn, impact health. However, many environmental factors have not been studied systematically to enable practitioners to design appropriate, effective interventions. The environmental factors I study include: nutrition labeling, portion sizes, media (primarily television programming), advertising (food advertisements and body images portrayed), and food preparation skills. I strive to describe these factors, investigate their impact on dietary choices and health, develop recommendations for educational interventions, and/or validate the recommendations via educational intervention program and materials design, implementation, and evaluation.