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Klein, Lisa C.
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Klein, Lisa C.
Professor II; Graduate Director

Phone: 732-445-2096

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1976

Professional Summary/CV [.PDF]

Department of Material and Science Engineering, School of Engineering, New Brunswick; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
Sol-gel Processing of Glass Frits, Coatings and Monoliths, Silicate and Phosphate Glasses, Viscosity and Transformation Kinetics.
Teaching Areas
Introduction to Nanomaterials Science and Engineering, Kinetics of Materials Processes, Diffusion, Phase Transformations and Sintering.
Memberships and Professional Service
Rutgers Chapters of AAUP-AFT, President, 2005-2009; Middle-States Commission on Higher Education, Team Member, 2003-present; National Materials Advisory Board (NMAB), a unit of the National Research Council (NRC), Member, 1999-2001; Journal of Materials Research, (Editor-in-Chief - Gordon Pike) Materials Research Society, Warrendale,PA, Principal Editor, 1994-2006; Journal of the American Ceramic Society, American Ceramic Society, Westerville, OH, Editor with D. W. Johnson, D. Green, 1998-present; Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, (Editor-in-Chief - Sumio Sakka) Kluwer Publishing, The Netherlands, Co-Editor with K. Kamiya, J. Livage and J. D. Mackenzie, 1993-present.
Klein, Lisa C.
Lisa Klein outside her Beacon Hill apartment, 1973
Grants, Honors, and Awards
Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences, "for contributions and service toward the advancement of science," one of 15 Fellows from the Academy's 25,000 worldwide members, 2001; Achievement Award, Society of Women Engineers, "for breakthrough contributions in sol-gel science and engineering, particularly sol-gel applications in electrolytes, electrochromics, membranes and nanocomposites," 1998; Teaching Award, The Graduate School-New Brunswick, Rutgers University, one of two faculty members honored for teaching excellence, 1997; NJ Women of Achievement, Award established in 1982 by Douglass College and the New Jersey Federation of Women's Clubs, "for innovative work in the field of ceramic engineering and pioneering efforts in behalf of women and engineering," 1992.
Academic Interests and Plans
I continue working on natural materials, moon rocks, tektites and glassy meteorites collected on earth. I have expanded from these studies into other glass-forming systems and glass-forming processes, in particular, the sol-gel process.