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Turpin, Barbara
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Turpin, Barbara

Phone: 732-932-9800, ext. 6219

Ph.D., Oregon Health Sciences University

Professional Summary/CV [.PDF]

Department of Environmental Sciences, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, New Brunswick; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
Air Pollution, The Chemistry and Physics of Atmospheric Aerosols.
Teaching Areas
Air Pollution Engineering, Source Control of Air Pollution, Physical Principles of Environmental Sciences, Air Sampling and Analysis, Bioenvironmental Engineering Senior Design.
Memberships and Professional Service
Executive Council of the Graduate School of New Brunswick 2007-present; New Brunswick Faculty Council 2007-present; Cook College Planning Committee, 2004-2007; Graduate Faculty in Atmospheric Sciences, full member, 2006- ; University Senate, 2003-2006; Graduate Program Director, Environmental Sciences, 2002-2005; American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Electorate Nominating Committee, 2001-2004; Board of Directors, American Association of Aerosol Research (AAAR), 1997-2000; Editorial Advisory Board, Aerosol Science and Technology, 1997-2003.
Grants, Honors, and Awards
Cook College/NJAES Research Excellence Award, Rutgers University, 2004; Merle Adams, Rutgers Cooperative Extension Research Award, 1999; Air Pollution Control Association Scholarship, 1986-1987.
Academic Interests and Plans
My research focuses on understanding the atmospheric transformations of aerosols, which are important in urban and regional air pollution, and studying the effects of human exposure to these airborne particles. Her research works toward the development of effective pollution control strategies.