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Faculty Profile
Rovee-Collier, Carolyn K.
Carolyn's Profile
Rovee-Collier, Carolyn K.
Professor II

Phone: 732-445-3364

Ph.D., Brown University

Department of Psychology, School of Arts and Sciences, New Brunswick; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
Learning and Memory.
Teaching Areas
Behavioral Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology
Memberships and Professional Service
President, International Society for Infant Studies (ISIS); President, International Society for Developmental Psychobiology (ISDP); President, Eastern Psychological Association; Sec-Treas (Executive Officer), The Society of Experimental Psychologists, 2006-present; Founding Editor, Progress in Infancy Research (vols. 1-3), 1999-2003; Senior Editor (with L.P. Lipsitt), Advances in Infancy Research (vols. 3-12), 1984-1999; Editor-in-Chief, Infant Behavior and Development, 1981-1998.
Grants, Honors, and Awards
William B. James Distinguished Lecturer, Association of Psychological Science, 2007; The Howard Crosby Warren Medal from The Society of Experimental Psychologists, 2003; The Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the Society for Research in Child Psychology, 2001; The Society of Experimental Psychologists, Elected, 1999; NIMH Senior Research Scientist Awards (2), 1991-2001; The Distinguished Achievement Medal from The Graduate School, Brown University, 1993; NIMH MERIT Award, 1990-2000; James McKeen Cattell Fellowship, 1980; Continuous grant funding from NIMH, 1978-2010.
Academic Interests and Plans
My resMy research focuses on learning and long-term memory in 2- to 24-month-olds. Currently, my lab is using operant training and deferred imitation tasks to examine how new associations are formed, latent learning, how new information is integrated with old, and how memory retrieval protracts retention.