Office for the Promotion of Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics
Faculty Profile
Lee, Catherine Y.
Catherine's Profile
Lee, Catherine Y.
Assistant Professor

Phone: 732-445-4240

Ph.D., University of California, 2003

Department of Sociology, School of Arts and Sciences, New Brunswick; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
Race and Ethnicity, Gender, Immigration, Political Sociology, Law and Society, and Sociology of Science and Medicine.
Teaching Areas
Race and Ethnicity, Gender, Politics, and Health and Medicine.
Memberships and Professional Service
Postdoctoral Fellow, Robert Wood Johnson Scholars in Health Policy Research Program, University of Michigan, 2003-2005; Guest Scholar, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, University of California at San Diego; Dissertation Fellow, Social Sciences Research Council�s Sexuality Research Fellowship Program.
Academic Interests and Plans
I am currently finishing a book on the politics of immigrant exclusion at the turn of the last century and examining the construction of race and ethnicity in biomedicine and health policy.