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Schneemeyer, Lynn
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Schneemeyer, Lynn
Visiting Professor of Chemistry

Phone: 973-353-5541

Ph.D., Cornell University, 1978

Professional Summary/CV [.PDF]

Department of Chemistry, Arts and Sciences, Newark; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
Design, synthesis and characterization of new materials.
Memberships and Professional Service
Member, National Academy of Science's Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology, 2000-2002; Associate Editor for Priority Communications: Journal of Crystal Growth, 1988-2005; Editorial Advisory Board, Chemistry of Materials, 1989-1996, 2000-present.
Academic Interests and Plans
My research interests cover a broad range of materials including electronic, optical, superconducting, chemical, and magnetic materials. The focus of my research has been on the design, synthesis and characterization of new materials with unique characteristics and applications potential. Compounds that I synthesized are inorganic materials, in the form of single crystals, bulk samples, or thin films, and include K0.30MoO3, a sliding charge density wave conductor below 180K, high temperature superconductors (including the Y-Ba-Cu-O compound), transition metal activated oxides for infared lasers, and, recently, high dielectric constant thin films. Electrochemical, flux growth techniques, Czochralski growth, standard ceramic techniques and reactive sputtering have used to prepare new inorganic phases with interesting structures and physical properties. Structural, transport, magnetic susceptibility and optical studies are used to characterize materials.