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Faculty Profile
Brattsten, Lena B.
Lena's Profile
Brattsten, Lena B.
Research Professor

Phone: 732-932-8166

Ph.D., University of Illinois

Department of Entomology, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, New Brunswick; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
Insect biochemistry and toxicology, molecular aspects of insect-plant associations.
Teaching Areas
Insect Biology, Insect Structure and Function, Toxicology of Pesticides, Wine Insights.
Academic Interests and Plans
My research deals with the detoxification mechanisms in insects, such as cytochrome P450 and other defensive enzymes, and physiological adaptations to chemical stress. When insects are exposed to toxic chemicals and don't die, it is often because they have a biochemical resistance mechanism. They may be able to detoxify the compound very fast, or they may have an insensitive or protected target site. They may also have physiological, behavioral, or phenological resistance mechanisms.