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He, Huixin
Huixin's Profile
He, Huixin
Assistant Professor

Phone: 973-353-1254

Ph.D., Beijing University, 1997

Professional Summary/CV [.PDF]

Department of Chemistry, Arts and Sciences, Newark; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
Conducting polymer/carbon nanotube composites, Multiplexed electrical and optical biosensors, Nanotechnology in nonviral gene delivery for cancer therapy.
Teaching Areas
Analytical chemistry, electroanalytical chemistry, scanning probe microscopy.
Memberships and Professional Service
Member of Cancer Institute of New Jersey, American Chemical Society, The Electrochemical Society, Material Research Society, Rutgers-Newark Chemistry High School Outreach Programs; Interviewed by New York Radio Station about Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2007; Referee for Petroelum Research Fund, National Science Foundation, Army Research Office.
Grants, Honors, and Awards
ACS-Petroleum Research Fund, "Biological Approach for Large-Scale Integration of Polymer Nanowires to Sci devicesfor Nanoelectronics abd Nanosensors," 2005-2007; Charles and Johanna Busch Memorial Fund Awards: “Single Force Study for Breast Cancer Therapy”, 2005-2007.
Academic Interests and Plans
Taking advantage of nanoscience and nanotechnology, currently I am working in the development of a small, while extremely sensitive field deployable and multiplex chemical sensing device. I am also interested in developing multifunctional nonviral gene delivery system for cancer therapy.