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Coe, Cati
Cati's Profile
Coe, Cati
Assistant Professor

Phone: 856-225-6455

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Camden; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
The politics of culture, nationalism, educational anthropology, the impact of transnational migration on family life.
Teaching Areas
Sociology of Education, Individual and Society, Cultural anthropology.
Grants, Honors, and Awards
Research Council Grant for "Children's Rights and Child Circulation in Ghana," 2006-2007; Childhood Studies Grant for "Children's Rights and Child Circulation in Ghana," 2006-2007; National Science Foundation, short course on anthropological survey research methods at Duke University Marine Lab, 2006; Institute for Research on Women Seminar Fellow, Seminar on "Diasporas and Migrations," 2005-2006; Research Council Grant for “Globalization and Education: Ghanaian Immigrant Strategies to Educate Their Children,” 2004-2005; Bildner Foundation Intercultural Fellow for “Representing Culture in Classrooms,” 2003-2004; Dissertation Award, Honorable Mention, Council of Anthropology and Education, American Anthropological Association, 2001.
Academic Interests and Plans
I am currently working on a study of the impact of transnational migration on Ghanaian family life, particularly on arrangements to raise and train children. Drawing on interviews with caregivers, children, and migrant parents in Ghana and the US, participant observation in the African diaspora in the US, and historical research in Ghana, I aim to understand how traditionally flexible family arrangements make the mobility required under global capitalism more emotionally bearable. My research will culminate in a book manuscript and journal articles.