Office for the Promotion of Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics
Faculty Profile
Butterfield, Sherri-Ann P.
Sherri-Ann's Profile
Butterfield, Sherri-Ann P.
Associate Professor; Acting Director

Phone: 973-353-5107

Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2001

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice, Department of Women and Gender Studies, Arts and Sciences, Newark; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
Race and Ethnicity, Caribbean Immigration, Urban Sociology, Identity and Culture, Sociology of Education, and Multiple Methods.
Academic Interests and Plans
I am currently completing a book-length manuscript that looks at how socioeconomic status impacts the racial and ethnic identities of second generation West Indians. I also have several projects in progress: I am conducting qualitative interviews for my project that examines the role that race and ethnicity play in the lives of the diasporic West Indian community who reside in North America and Europe. Finally, I am investigating the racial and ethnic interactions between West Indians and African Americans in New Jersey.