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Cook-Chennault, Kimberly
Kimberly's Profile
Cook-Chennault, Kimberly
Assistant Professor; Associate Director

Phone: 732-445-2248

Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2005

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, School of Engineering, New Brunswick; Center for Advanced Energy Systems, New Brunswick; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
Hybrid Power Supply, Piezoelectric, Energy Systems, and Power.
Academic Interests and Plans
The aim of my line of research is twofold: the development of mathematical models to describe the electromechanical behavior of relaxor-type ferroelectric materials; and implementation of these smart materials into hybrid power systems, via the development of algorithms for the design of hybrid piezoelectric energy harvesting systems. Hybrid power generation, i.e. the use of two or more different power supply methods can, if done effectively, improve the lifetime (sustainability) and efficiency of single-source power supply systems. Furthermore, incorporation of regenerative power devices such as piezoelectric materials with other forms of power production methods like batteries and fossil fuel combustion, can lead to reduction of emissions, toxicity, mass and volume of the both MEMS and meso-scaled power systems.

My work focuses on the following: development of constitutive relationships for nonlinear piezoelectric materials; expansion of conventional laminate theory to include piezoelectric composite materials; development of expressions relating cyclic lifetime of piezoelectric material subjected to various loading conditions; development of scalability limitations for piezoelectric materials for meso scaled devices; and creation of algorithms for design of hybrid piezoelectric energy systems.