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Martínez-San Miguel, Yolanda
Yolanda's Profile
Martínez-San Miguel, Yolanda

Phone: 732-445-3820

Ph. D. in Latin American Studies, University of California at Berkeley, 1996

Other, School of Arts and Sciences, New Brunswick; Rutgers
Areas of Interest
Latin American Literature: Colonial, Hispanic Caribbean, and Latino Literature; Literary Theory, Colonial and Postcolonial Theory, Migration Studies
Teaching Areas
LHCS 266/Comp Lit 305: Puerto Rican Literature, Fall 2008.
Comp. Lit. 308: Gender and Race in the Caribbean, Fall 2008.
LHCS 267/American Studies 240/ Comp. Lit. 336: Latino Literature, Spring 2009, Spring 2011.
Comp Lit 610: Graduate Seminar: Comparative Literature in Dialogue: Extended Postcolonialities, Spring 2009.
Comp Lit 519/480: Graduate and Undergraduate seminars: Coloniality of Diasporas in Caribbean Literatures, Fall 2010.
Comp Lit 519/397: Graduate and Undergraduate seminars: Postcolonial Readings of Colonialism in the Americas, Fall 2011.
LHCS 295/Comp Lit 295: Latino and Caribbean Cultural Studies, Spring 2012.
Byrne Seminar for First Year Students” “Caribbean Sexiles,” Rutgers, Spring 2012.
Memberships and Professional Service
Director of Institute for Research on Women at Rutgers University