2006          PhD, Yale University                                         Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
                 “Evolution of Generalism and Specialism in the dsRNA Bacteriophage phi6” 
                 Mentor: Paul E. Turner
2004-06     Visiting Scholar, University of North Carolina       Biology
                 Mentor: Christina L. Burch 

2003          MS, Yale University                                           Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2000          BA, Rutgers University                                      Molecular Biology and Biochemistry


2015-         Associate Professor
2009-15     Assistant Professor
                 Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources
                 School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University

2007-09     National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow
                 Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics
                 Department of Biology, The Pennsylvania State University
                 Mentor: Edward C. Holmes

1997          Lab Technician 1
                 ABL-BRP, National Cancer Institute
                 Mentor: David S. Waugh

1995-96     Student Trainee in Physical Chemistry
                 Macromolecular Engineering Lab, Hoffman-LaRoche
                 Mentor: David S. Waugh


2015-20     NSF Partnerships in International Research and Education OIA 1545553 

2015-20     NSF CAREER DEB 1453241

2013-16     BMGF/DFID Phase II OPP1052391

2012-17     NSF Assembling the Tree of Life DEB 1240049

2011-13     NIH NIAID 1R03AI096265

2010-14     NSF Biodiversity Surveys and Inventories DEB 1026095

2010-12     NSF Research Starter Grant MCB 1034927

2008          Women’s Career Development Grant, American Society for Microbiology

2007-08     NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship DBI 0630707

2004-06     NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant DEB 0408000

2001-06     Howard Hughes Medical Institute Predoctoral Fellowship

2000          Fulbright Full Grant for study in Germany


2016          Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Rutgers 
                 Chancellor’s Scholar, Rutgers

2015          Board of Trustees Research Fellowship for Scholarly Excellence, Rutgers
        Presidential Fellowship for Teaching Excellence, Rutgers

2014          Young Investigator Prize, Theobald Smith Society (NJ ASM branch)

2008          Postdoctoral Poster Prize, Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution

2007          John Spangler Nicholas Prize, Yale University
2006          Raymond W. Sarber Award, American Society for Microbiology
2005          Travel Grant, World Summit on Evolution, Galapagos Islands 


2014-         Associate Editor, Viral Evolution
2015-17     Editorial Board, Journal of Virology
2013-16     Editorial Board, Virology
2011-13     Editorial Board, Journal of General Virology
2008-13     Editorial Board, Applied and Environmental Microbiology

                 American Society for Microbiology
                 American Society for Virology
                 Bacteriophage Ecology Group
                 Plant Virus Ecology Network
                 Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution

Siobain Duffy’s CV