This "dream" project outlines the life of Hilda Worthington Smith, beginning with her tenure as Dean of Bryn Mawr, and later, as Director of The Bryn Mawr School for Women Workers. It follows the portion of her distinguished career in labor education, especially as it relates to the Hudson Shore Labor School, that she established in her family home in West Park, New York.

From her innovating days at Bryn Mawr, through co-educational Hudson Shore School for Labor (absorbed by Rutgers University in 1951), we see an educator, poet, activist, and lobbyist whose belief in the power of education transformed the lives of countless people, especially, working women.
Created by Kristen MacCartney Fitzpatrick for Michael Lesk's "Digital Libraries" class and for the Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations.  

Page updated: February 4, 2005