SAS Social Science & History objectives

Social science & history courses have at least one of the following objectives; students will:

h. Understand the bases and development of human and societal endeavors across time and place

i. Explain and be able to assess the relationship among assumptions, method, evidence, arguments, and theory in social and historical analysis

j. Identify and critically assess ethical issues in social science and history


For historical courses, students also will both:

k. Explain the development of some aspect of society or culture over time, including the history of ideas or history of science

l. Employ historical reasoning to study human endeavors

For social science courses students also will both:

m. Understand different theories about human culture, social identity, economic entities, political systems, and other forms of social organization

n. Apply concepts about human and social behavior to particular questions or situations

All courses currently offered by the Department have these social science objectives. The following courses also have the history objectives:

37:575:201 Development of the Labor Movement I
37:575:202 Development of the Labor Movement II
37:575:407 Workers Movement in New Jersey