Evolution of Animal Behavior (full pdf copy)


This course broadly exposes students to evolutionary theory and natural selection using examples from animal behavior to illustrate basic concepts. This course is not meant to be comprehensive in either evolutionary theory or in animal behavior. Our guiding objective is to engender understanding of the principles of evolution, and animal behavior provides some of the most charismatic examples.

Course goals :

•  To understand the basic concepts of natural selection and evolutionary mechanisms.

•  To recognize and understand basic terms and concepts in animal behavior.

•  To understand the evolutionary and ecological processes that shape animal behavior.


The 1st half of the course will be given by Dr. Suzanne Sukhdeo and the 2nd half of the course will be given by Dr. Michael Sukhdeo.

  Suggested Textbook:

A textbook is NOT a requirement for this course. All tests will be based on lecture material.

Grading Scheme:

Pop Quiz 40*
Midterm 1 150
Midterm 2 150
Final (non-cumulative) 150
Total 490**




* Subject to change.
** There is NO extra credit in this course.