Intro to Ecology & Evolution (full pdf copy)


    This course covers basic principles in evolution and ecology at an introductory level. The evolution section is meant to provide an understanding of natural selection and evolutionary mechanisms, including current studies on human evolution and evolution of plant and animal domestication. The ecology section covers population ecology, community ecology, ecosystems, climate, biochemical cycling, global climate and conservation ecology.

Learning Goals:

1. Describe the evolutionary origins, processes and patterns over geologic time.

2. Evaluate ecological and evolutionary concepts in terms of animal behavior.

3. Critically understand the evolutionary history and mechanisms that lead to development of specific animal behavior.

4. Thnk critically and solve problems using evidence-based reasoning.

Lecture Topics:

     The lecture schedule may be subject to change during the semester. Please check back periodically for updates.

Suggested Textbook:

     A textbook is NOT a requirement for this course. All tests will be based on lecture material and guest seminars.


In-lecture quizzes 100
Exam 1 120
Exam 2 120
Exam 3 120
Total 460*

* Lecture topics and grading scheme are subject to change by the instructor.

     There is NO extra credit in this course!!

Core Curriculum course:
Areas of Inquiry: Natural Science [NS]


•  Understnad and apply basic prinicples and concepts in the biological sciences..

•  Explain and be able to assess the relationship among assumptions, method, evidence, arguments, and theory in scientific analysis.

            Attendance is strongly suggested because of pop (unannounced) in-class quizzes.  There are NO make-up quizzes.  All quizzes are given at the beginning of the class.  In addition, notes and PowerPoints slides will NOT be posted. The student is responsible for all lecture material.

Accomadations for students with disabilities:
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Academic Integrity:
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