Librarian/Faculty Partnerships
in the Academic Setting

October 6, 1992

Summary of English 102/Academic Foundations Classes
Taught at the Dana Library

Presentation, using transparancies and live computer demonstrations

Library of Congress Classification scheme
Library of Congress subject headings and some useful subheadings
Subject card catalog
What is on a catalog card and where
Use of a Wilson index in print form (usually Humanities Index or Social Sciences Index
Structure of a periodical citation
Volume and issue numbers on periodicals
Online demonstration of IRIS (the OPAC)
Interactive demonstration of the Wilson index previously discussed

In-class exercises

Literary criticism or social sciences sets are used as appropriate. Both include the following:

Library of Congress Subject Headings
Subject card catalog (print or online)
Wilson index (print or online)
Location of a periodical using IRIS or the Rutgers Union List of Serials

The literary criticism set adds the following:

Using bibliographies of literary criticism


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