Our Activities
Our Activities

At math camp, the students take a break from all the stressful math and engage in group activities and open recreation. Some popular group activities include card games and ping-pong. During open recreation, math students play basketball, soccer, and Frisbee.

Mafia, a card game played almost everyday, involves 5 or more people. In the beginning of each game, mafia members and civilians are chosen. During each round, people are voted off or ‘killed.’ Either the mafia or the civilians win. Card games are not only played during free time, but are played after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Another activity is ping-pong. A couple of the students at RYSP are really skilled players and we play one on one games and doubles.

Math students can cool down after long, grueling math lessons in the air-conditioned gym to play basketball and badminton.

There are special programs scheduled in the place of free time on certain days. The scholar soccer challenge is an event where all the students participate in a game of soccer against the professors and teaching assistants. This activity was very challenging.

We had a trip to the Serin observatory to observe distant stars and participate in unusual science experiments.

The telescope in the observatory was very large compared to most home sized telescopes. Stars viewed through the scope appeared very bright.

We looked at nebulas, star clusters and planets. The science experiment of the day dealt with liquid nitrogen, which is very cold.

The demonstrator used it to launch corks, freeze and shatter rubber tubes, levitate metal and shrink helium balloons.

Math camp not only teaches math, but also creates an environment to interact with fellow math students.