Evan Wantland's Words of Wisdom (EWWW for short)

"You're gonna have to trust me on this.  I'm like a math shaman for today."

"If they made theorem trading cards, I would HAVE to have Hall's Theorem!  I would put it in its own plastic case on my desk."

"It's one crazy... mixed... dog caterpillar."

"Whenever you don't know something, the first thing in mathematics is to blame the French.  If it's not the French, blame the Germans."

"Some people might call it a whos-e-whats-it, and people over here might call it... joe... joe... something."

"That's fun because it involves me breaking networks, with my cable cutters and my welder...  I'm actually not allowed to touch tools, so that would never happen."

"Oh my god, look at how small this algorithm is!   You could get a tatoo of the algorithm!"

"So why is it called Catalan numbers?  Well, it was first solved by Segner."

"Let's call this vertex Jenny.  You can't get to Jenny. There is no path to Jenny... because Jenny is a source. THE source."

Thank you, Evan Wantland, for letting us use these quotes and keeping us amused throughout the morning sessions.

Note: The quotes above are not necessarily the exact words that Great Teacher Evan used.  They may be paraphrased, but they still convey the general idea that he was telling us.