What IS the RYSP???

What is RYSP?
The RYSP stands for the Rutgers Young Scholars Program in Discrete Mathematics. You may ask, why isn't it RYSPDM then? Good question...

In RYSP, students go through many hours of learning different kinds of math throughout the summer. They must learn through the various professors. Although sometimes the work is tedious, we mostly have lots of fun solving the different challenges that await us.

This is a sample of one of our problems that we do for math camp. We as students must figure out the max flow and min cut of the graph. As young scholars, we cannot only be smart. We can also play sports such as volleyball.

Also, we have special activities that we do at night, including ones of our choice. This is one of our favorites that requires a lot of trust and deceit (Mafia).

What people care most about the RYSP is the food. It is pretty much a buffet, so you can keep getting more servings throughout either your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The food is great and the enviornment is the same.