Anatomy and Physiology 141, Fall 2018

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Anatomical Organization

Lecture 3: Cellular Biology I

Lecture 4: Cellular Biology II

Lecture 5: Cellular Biology III

Lecture 6: Structural Organization I

Lecture 7: Structural Orgaization II

Lecture 8: Integumentary System

Lecture 9-12: Bones and the Skeletal System

Bones I

Bones II

Bones III

Bones IV

Lecture 13: Articulations

Lecture 14: Muscles I

Lecture 15: Muscles II

Lecture 16: Muscles III

Lecture 17: Muscles IV

Lecture 18: Muscles V

Lecture 19: Nervous System I

Lecture 20: Nervous System II

Lecture 21: Nervous System III

Lecture 22: Nervous System IV

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