Physiological Psychology 830:313:06  - Fall 2008 (updated 11/16/08)
SECTION 06    M-W (4) 1:40-3:00 Pharm 115
M-W (5) 3:20-4:40 Pharm 115 

Professor              David Vicario                                      syllabus here
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Teaching Asst.      Paul Ciano
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Course Objectives
: This course will provide an introduction to the anatomical structure, electrophysiology and neurochemistry of the brain.  This basic information will then be used to explore the neural mechanisms of behavior, ranging from vision to movement to schizophrenia. Ultimately, all our sensations, thoughts, feelings and actions reflect brain processes. A better understanding of our own brains can thus help us to understand ourselves.

Exams:  The course grade will be based on two midterm exams and a final exam, consisting primarily of multiple-choice questions.
Make-up exams will NOT be given except in cases of documented inability to attend, and when given, may consist of a term paper.  Any issues with completed exams should be brought to the instructor's attention within two weeks of grading.  Extra credit assignments will NOT be given. Exams will take place as scheduled in this syllabus.  Last minute postponements will be announced in person in the examination room by a course instructor or a member of the Psychology Department.

General Policy:   Please do not be afraid to contact me with any question about the course (email is best).  Class attendance is expected.  The relationship between the brain and behavior is a complex one and the course presents detailed information and concepts. Exams may include material presented in class that is not contained in the textbook or lecture slides. Students who miss more than a couple of classes in the semester should expect to do poorly. Reading assignments must be completed, preferably before each class. Exams may include material in the textbooks not fully presented in class. Class will start promptly; students are expected to be on time and not leave until the class is over. Continued lateness will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.    

Email addresses:
  From time to time, I may need to communicate important information to the class by email.  I will use only the officially registered email address for each student (usually  If you do not check this address regularly, you will not receive my important messages.  If you use another address, it is your responsibility to set up forwarding from your eden address.


Required text:      Physiology of Behavior (9th ed.) by Neil R. Carlson
Physiological Psychology Syllabus  
UPDATED SYLLABUS 10/8/2008 (subject to change)
Lecture notes are password protected and will be made available to those who attend.

Week 1   Sept 3                                                         Chap 1
Physiological Psychology: brain and behavior                            

Week 2A   Sept 8
                                                      Chap 2                                        
From Behavior to Neuron                                                           
Week 2B Sept 10                                                       Chap 2
Neuronal Structure and Function: electrochemical properties      

Week 3A
Sept 15                                                       Chap 2
Neuronal Structure and Function: synaptic transmission             
Week 3B Sept 17                                                       Chap 3
Neuroanatomy overview                                                             

Week 4A Sept 22                                                       Chap 3
Neuroanatomy function                                                            Lecture06.ppt
Week 4B
Sept 24                                                       Chap 4
Psychopharmacology 1                                                               

Week 5A Sept 29
                                                       Chap 4

Psychopharmacology 2                                                                
Week 5B Oct 1                                                          Chap 5
Research Methods strategies careers                                     

Week 6A Oct 6                                                         Chap 6
Vision                                                                                         Lecture11.ppt
Week 6B Oct 8                                                          Review Chaps 1-5

Week 7A Oct 13                                                       Review  
Midterm EXAM 1
(Chaps 1-6)         Grades will be available on gradebook: 
Week 7B 
Oct 15                                                       Chap 7
Audition, somatosensation and other senses                              Lecture12.ppt                                                   

Week 8A
Oct 20                                                        Chap 8
Movement 1                                                                       1st half  Lecture13.ppt
Week 8B Oct 22                                                        Chap 8
Movement 2                                                                        2nd half Lecture13.ppt  

Week 9A
Oct 27                                                        Chap 9
Sleep / Rhythms                                                                        Lecture14.ppt                                                                 
Week 9B Oct 29                                                         Chap 10
Hormones / reproduction                                                         Lecture15.ppt       

Week 10A Nov 3
                                                      Chap 11
Emotions                                                                                 Lecture16.ppt                        
Week 10B Nov 5                                                       Chap 13         
Learning and memory 1                                                          Lecture18.ppt                                     

Week 11A Nov 10                                                     Chap 13 
Learning and memory 2                                                         Lecture19.ppt                          
Week 11B Nov 12                                                      Review Chaps 7-11,13

Week 12A Nov 17                                                      Review                               
Midterm EXAM2(Chaps 7-11,13)     
Week 12B Nov 19                                                      Chap 13 (cont)
Relational Learning / Begin Speech  Lecture                           Lecture20.ppt          

Week 13A Nov 24                                                     Chap 14
Speech and communication                                                    Lecture21.ppt
Week 13B Nov 26 
NO CLASS (Fri Schedule)                           

Week 14A Dec 1                                                        Chap 16
Mental Illness 1
Week 14A Dec 3                                                        Chap 17
Mental Illness 2                                                                      Lecture23.ppt 

Week 15A Dec 8
Chap 18   (Review Chaps 13,14,16-18)
Drug Abuse /Begin review                                                      Lecture24.ppt,                                                      
Week 15B Dec 10                                                       Review ALL
REVIEW                                                                          Lecture25reviewFinal.ppt


SECTION 06    Weds Dec 17, 8-11am   BECK Auditorium (near Kilmer Library - Livingston Campus)
Fri     Dec 19, 12-3pm   SEC 111 (Science & Engineer Resource Center - Busch Campus)