ACCV 2016 Tutorial on Continuous User Authentication on Mobile Devices

November 24, 2016

Recent developments in sensing and communication technologies have led to an explosion in the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With the increase in use of mobile devices, one has to constantly worry about the security and privacy, as the loss of a mobile device would compromise personal information of the user. To deal with this problem, continuous authentication (also known as active authentication) systems have been proposed in which users are continuously monitored after the initial access to the mobile device. This tutorial will provide an overview of different continuous authentication methods on mobile devices. We will discuss merits and drawbacks of available approaches and identify promising avenues of research in this rapidly evolving field. The tutorial should prove valuable to security and biometrics experts, exposing them to opportunities provided by continuous authentication approaches. It should also prove beneficial to experts in computer vision and signal processing, introducing them to a different tool with very interesting research problems. More emphasis will be given on computer vision-based methods for continuous authentication.


Tutorial topics
Face-based continuous authentication on mobile devices
    - Face detection on mobile devices
    - Facial attribute-based continuous authentication
Gait-based continuous authentication
Typing patterns and touch gesture-based continuous authentication
Other approaches including search patterns, methods based on accelerometer and gyroscope, etc.
Behavior-based profiling
Fusion of multiple modalities for continuous authentication
Domain adaptation methods for continuous authentication
Acceptability, attacks on continuous authentication systems and hardware constraints