Afranaph Project

The Afranaph Project, supported by NSF since 2003, is designed to develop rich descriptions of a wide range of African languages in order to serve the interests of linguistic research into the nature and distribution of empirical patterns in natural language. The first project of our website was developed to explore the distribution of anaphoric morphology and interpretation, but recent initiatives to expand the role of our empirical investigations to other sorts of linguistic phenomena have resulted in Afranaph Sister Projects, autonomous, but linked to Afranaph in spirit, by infrastructure, and with respect to a common database (Afranaph Database). All of our data, our fieldwork documents (questionnaires), our case files for each language with bibliographies, grammar sketches and anaphora sketches, and our research papers (Afranaph Technical Reports) are available open access online, and are intended to be research resource for anyone interested in African linguistics.

Afranaph Related Work